Jens Bachmann (DLR)eco compass jens coordinator
Jens Bachmann studied mechanical engineering at the University of Braunschweig. Since 2009, he works as scientific assistant at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) at the Institute of Composite Structures and Adaptive Systems in the department of Multifunctional Materials. His main research topics are bio-composites, pultrusion of natural fibre reinforced plastics and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). He worked on the improvement of fire properties of bio-composites for their application in aircraft and train interior. During the last three years was involved in the EU project REFRESCO with the focus on requirements for new standards for the application of structural composites in the rail industry.

China coordinator

Xiaosu Yi (China Aviation Industry Corporation)eco compass xiaosu coordinator
Received 1982 Dipl.-Ing.(M.S.) and 1986 Dr.-Ing.(Ph.D.) degree in Materials Process Engineering at University of Paderborn, Germany. He became 1988 full professor in Polymer Materials and Technology at Zhejiang University, China and joined Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials (BIAM) since 1998, where he had been the member of the executive board. Since 2013, Prof. Yi became the director of Science and Technology of AVIC Composite Corporation Ltd. (ACC). 

Dr. Yi is the Fellow Scientist of Aviation Industry of China (AVIC) in composite materials, director of the National Engineering Laboratory of Carbon-fiber Structural Composites and Beijing Engineering Laboratory of Green Composites. 

Prof. Yi received 2011 SAMPE FELLOW AWARD, 2010 the ZhaoGuangZhao Foundation Award and became 2013 the Academician of APAM (Asia-Pacific Academy of Materials). He is the Chairman of SAMPE China, the executive council member of International Conference of Composite Materials (ICCM) and Asia-pacific Conference of Composite Materials (ACCM), senior member of Chinese Aviation Society, Materials Research Society of China (MRS-C) and Chinese Composites Society. He is the chief editor of the Chinese Composite Journal (Acta Materiae Compositae Sinica). 

Prof. Yi has published about 400 scientific and technical papers, 8 monographs in international and domestic journals, and about 60 invention patents. His research interests include structural composites, polymer materials, functional composites, process engineering, materials modeling and surface technology.