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White Paper of ECO-COMPASS

The European and Chinese partners of ECO-COMPASS have published a White Paper to enhance the importance of the bio-based and recycled“eco-composites” as substitutes for the conventional synthetic constituents in the aviation sector.

Fiber reinforced polymers play a crucial role as enablers of lightweight and high performing structures to increase efficiency in aviation. However, the ever-increasing awareness for the environmental impacts has led to a growing interest in bio-based and recycled "eco-composites" as substitutes for the conventional synthetic constituents.

Recently, the international collaboration of Chinese and European partners in the ECO-COMPASS project provided an assessment of different eco-materials and technologies for their potential application in aircraft interior and secondary composite structures. This project summary reports the main findings of the ECO-COMPASS project and gives an outlook to the next steps necessary for introducing eco-composites as an alternative solution to fulfill the CLEAN SKY target.

This open access paper was published on the 5th of May 2021 in the Aerospace Journal. You can read the publication here.

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