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Feedback from ECO-COMPASS participation in ICGC-10

The project special session was held on Thursday 8th November 2018.
It was organised in collaboration with ICGC-10 at the premises of the Quanzhou Normal University in China.
It was chaired by Prof. Yan Li from the Tongji University.

The primary aim of this event was to offer the presenters a forum to engage with large audience, encourage open exchange of information with fellow delegates and present the latest achievements of the project.

The event proved to be a unique opportunity for the participants to obtain an overview of the recent advancements on the research scene, with 5 presentations from the participating European organisations. The conference attendees had the opportunity to engage into fruitful discussions and networking with the representatives of academia, research community and industry involved in ECO-COMPASS.

More than 100 delegates participated in the event.

4 out of 5 ECO-COMPASS presentations can already be downloaded below, the last one will follow soon:

We look forward to meeting you during upcoming events!

At the entrance to the ICGC-10.

Group picture of the ECO-COMPASS participants.

Talk No 1 by Zehong SONG.

Talk No 2 by Vasileios TZATZADAKIS.

Talk No 3 by Jens BACHMANN.

Talk No 4 by Xavier MARTINEZ.

Talk No 5 by Carmen SGUAZZO.

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